About Aviva

With you today, for a better tomorrow

When you hear ‘Aviva’, perhaps you think about that time you twisted your ankle on holiday and had to make a claim. Well, we think about that too. We also think about all the people we support come fire or flood, through natural disasters and life-changing accidents. And those we help with their investments and retirement funds, so they can look forward to a better future.

Everything we do is with the customer in mind – we’re here for every bump in the road, no matter what. We want to make a difference to their lives, and to the world we live in too.

Who we are?

Insurance. It’s just a load of people in suits saying no. Right?

Wrong. Well, not at Aviva, anyway. We’re people with a purpose. People who get involved to make a difference, who do everything we can today to build a better tomorrow.

In our offices, you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. We’re not big on dress codes, but we are big on diversity. We value different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. In fact, we actively look for them when hiring. We give our people ownership – a chance for them to have a say in how we run our business. To work here means to be part of something meaningful. To make important decisions that impact lives. To redefine an industry and realise your potential in the process.

Here for mishaps – and naughty cats

Life has a funny way of throwing things at us when we least expect them. Could be a minor bump on the school run. A drone grounding your flight. A sudden windfall. A flood. An early retirement. A cat deciding it wants out of your car by trying to claw through the roof. (One of the strangers claims we’ve had. It was paid, of course.)

Some 18 million customers across the UK have placed their trust in us, for everything from car insurance, to pension plans, to investments. They trust that Aviva is the best place to protect what matters to them and save for their future. It’s our people, with their pioneering new ideas, their initiative and their empathy who help us earn – and keep – that trust.

You do you

At Aviva, we trust our employees to think for themselves. We create a space where everyone feels comfortable speaking up. We all seek out views that oppose our own. We empower each other to think creatively to solve problems, to make crucial decisions. To take on responsibility and make real change. To work in ways that suit us.

So, we’ve introduced Smart Working to give our people and their leaders guidance on how and where they work. The framework includes five Smart Working profiles based on the type of role they do, what work is involved in it and therefore how often, and why, a colleague might need to be in the office and the facilities and technology they need to do their job to achieve the best outcomes.

In other words, when you work for us, you’re in control.

Our culture

Before they get to know us, a lot of people think we’re going to be a stuffy insurance company. Cold and corporate. The reality is very different. We know that people do their best work when they feel relaxed. Empowered to be themselves. It enables us to do more for our clients. And we think it makes this is a very nice place to work.

Put simply, we like people to be involved. So, we have six global communities:

  • AvivAbility – developing a disability smart workplace,
  • Aviva Balance – supporting gender parity,
  • Aviva Carers – supporting carers and parents,
  • Aviva Generations – promoting an intergenerational workplace,
  • Aviva Origins – celebrating cultural difference; and,
  • Aviva Pride – being yourself at work.

Our values

Our values sit at the heart of our business. They’re there to guide us in everything we do – from performing in our day-to-day roles to making important business-wide decisions. Which is why we look for the kind of people who can really embrace our values. People ready to help free customers from uncertainty and shape a better place to work while they’re at it.


Because we understand the positive difference, we make in our customers’ lives every day. We truly listen to see beyond the policyholder to a person with plans and dreams.

We solve problems for our customers, and for each other. We build relationships that no-one else can. Empathy is our strongest force.


Because we stand up for what we believe in. We act with courage, keep our promises, and take ownership of our work.

We understand the impact we have on the world and take seriously the responsibility that brings with it. We will play our part in tackling the climate crisis. We commit to a better tomorrow.


Because we recognise the strength that comes from working as one team, collaborating, and winning together for Aviva, for each other and for our customers.

Aviva is built on a foundation of trust and respect. Our strength comes from our connection – to each other, to our customers and partners and to the communities around us.


Because we believe that the best is still to come – for our customers, our people, and society. We’re not just here for now; we’re here to imagine and to innovate for the future, creating value for customers and shareholders.

We are brave and passionate, setting new standards for ourselves and the competition. With a humility that is as important as the ambition that drives us.

Bring your whole self to work

Working at Aviva means doing it your way. It means bringing your wild side to work, or your quiet side. Feeling free to stand up for what you believe in and speak up when you disagree.

The way we see it, when our people are happy, our customers are happy. And that’s why we invest in your mental and emotional wellbeing, your professional learning and personal development. It’s why our employee communities have over 5000 members from different ages, races, religions, belief systems, sexual orientations, and gender identities. It’s also why we embrace diversity of thought, and welcome people with autism, dyslexia, ADHD, and others on the neurodiversity spectrum.

We’re responsible.

And we’re sociable.

We’re a big organisation. And that means we have a big sense of responsibility. We want to do what’s right for our people. The planet. And our communities. We’re very involved in tackling climate change. In fact, we became the first carbon neutral international insurer way back in 2006. Our community investment totalled £17.6 million in 2018. We partner with the Red Cross to build more resilient global communities. And we’ve helped 7,000 projects since 2015 (we’re proud of that – we originally set out to help 5,000 by 2020).

Our sustainability ambitions

As a global insurer with the power to influence, we knew we had to take the lead on climate action. That’s why in 2021 we launched the Aviva Sustainability Ambition, which includes our ambition to become Net Zero 2040, making us the first major UK financial services to set such an ambitious climate change goal. We’ll achieve this in various ways, including by making the right investments and reducing the emissions we produce in our operations – we’ve already reduced our operational CO2 emissions by 76% since 2010. We also recognise that strategic partnerships with trusted organisations are vital to meeting our goals. That’s why we’ve announced a new three year climate-focused partnership with the world’s leading conservation charity, WWF.

Alongside taking climate action, our sustainability ambition includes our aim to build stronger communities by, for example, encouraging development of more resilient homes and businesses. In 2021, we released our first UK Building Future Communities report, which sets out our seven calls for change that need to happen if we are to create a better tomorrow.

We’re also helping to build stronger communities through the Aviva Community Fund by providing thousands of causes with funding, skills, and resources. We empower our people to get involved in how we support these charities, with volunteering funding, skill-sharing, and volunteering opportunities.