HR Manager – Early Careers/DE&I (UK)

Location : London - Bishops Square

We are currently recruiting for an HR Manager – Early Careers/DE&I (UK) to join our London office.  The purpose of the role is twofold:

  1. Manage, support and guide solicitor apprentices, apprentice supervisors and partner contacts throughout the six year apprenticeship programme, ensuring successful progression through the apprenticeship programme; and
  2. Promote, implement, and take accountability for, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) in the apprentice, trainee solicitor and other relevant graduate populations, working closely with the business to support, engage and retain entry level talent.
Role and responsibilities
Solicitor apprentices

Responsibility for managing and providing day-to-day HR support for solicitor apprentices, with a particular focus on ensuring compliance with the apprenticeship standards and, separately, working with relevant stakeholders to ensure the successful integration and inclusion of apprentices in the business.

Design and implement central processes for the development and successful qualification of solicitor apprentices

  • Establish and lead on the seat rotation and secondment processes for apprentices.
  • Establish and manage the performance process for apprentices. 
  • Design and implement a new qualification process for solicitor apprentices.

Regulatory responsibilities

  • Ensure compliance with the apprenticeship standards at all times.
  • Ensure compliance with SRA regulations to facilitate qualification as a solicitor via the Solicitors Qualification Examination (SQE).

Relationship with BPP

  • Day-to-day point of contact with BPP on apprentice matters including performance and absence management.
  • Lead regular performance development meetings required under the training rules.

Supporting apprentices 

  • Proactively establish strong relationships with apprentices and provide ongoing support to apprentices, and their line managers, to ensure that apprentices are progressing well and any issues are resolved.
  • Provide confidential counselling and guidance.
  • Build trust and open dialogue so that you are aware of and can deal with any issues at an individual or collective level and be actively involved in wellbeing.
  • Identify and connect apprentices with appropriate external/internal networks to support apprentice integration and ongoing development.

Supporting supervisors and updating the business  

  • Work with the apprentice and their team to closely monitor the experience, collate feedback and ensure that development points are worked on.

DE&I: Trainee solicitors, solicitor apprentices and other relevant graduates 

Responsibility for DE&I within the HR trainee/apprentice team in the UK (including future trainees), by means of the work streams set out below (among others):

Relationships with current and future trainees/non-lawyer graduates/apprentices 

  • Establish and lead any activities such as networks or consultation groups focused on inclusion. 
  • Lead relevant mentoring programmes in the trainee/apprentice population.
  • Raise awareness of the firm’s DE&I initiatives and networks amongst apprentices, current trainees, future trainees.
  • Provide targeted support, from a DE&I perspective, with a view to maximising NQ retention. 

Support to business

  • Develop and implement the firm’s inclusion initiatives in the trainee and apprentice population.
  • Identify and report on data and trends, relevant to the trainee and apprentice experience through a DE&I lens, to provide any insights to training partners and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Attend campus events with the Early Careers Graduate Recruitment team, from time to time, to help reinforce the important link between a candidate’s experience from the point of receiving an offer through to joining the firm and their experience throughout their period of training.
  • Work closely with the DE&I team on various matters, to: (i) ensure alignment and co-ordination between the firm’s various DE&I activities and graduate and apprentice recruitment / managing the trainees; and (ii) contribute to wider DE&I activities on an ad hoc basis and particularly where these inform the DE&I agenda for graduate hiring and trainees.

Key requirements

  • Graduate qualification with CIPD or similar certification
  • Experience of working with entry level talent and appreciation of various issues (including from a mental health and wellbeing, and DE&I perspective), that might impact new hire performance
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to build and develop strong relationships across all levels of the firm and externally and able to influence stakeholders
  • Collaborative team player with the ability to work in a fast paced, intellectually rigorous environment
  • High energy individual who takes a proactive and pragmatic approach
  • A person of sound judgment, able to establish a high level of credibility and act as a trusted advisor to stakeholders
  • Ability to deal sensitively with difficult issues and personalities

Allen & Overy LLP is committed to being an inclusive employer and we are happy to consider flexible working arrangements. INDSJ